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STEP 1: Secure Your Start Date

In order to secure your start date, you will need to make the initial deposit sent to you via a separate email through WIX's secure invoicing system. Once the deposit is made, the process can begin!

STEP 2: Schedule Your Branding Consultation

Once your payment is made, we can start step 1 which is the brand development process! You should have gotten an initial email with homework to prepare for this session (if not, let me know!) No pressure to answer all these questions on your own, these are really meant to get you thinking and jotting down some thoughts for our session so you don't feel put on the spot when I ask!!

Next, feel free to schedule your branding consultation HERE

Please note, your branding consultation should be scheduled BEFORE your start date, that way we can stay on track with the projected timeline (2-4 weeks) for launching your website.

Step 3: Branding Consultation

Branding Consultations happen either over the phone or over zoom. These last from 20 Minutes - 1 Hour. In the branding consultation we talk branding (of course) but also chat about the funnel, wireframe and CTA of your website as well.

Step 4: Brand Palette + Blueprint Approval

Before your start date you will receive your Brand Palette to approve as well as the Wireframe Blueprint. We will hop on the phone and discuss if there are any edits that need to be made, if I need to give it another go OR if we can move forward with beginning designing!

Step 5: Homepage

Once the approval of the Brand Palette and Blueprint happens, designing can begin! Building out the homepage typically takes me a week (unless otherwise discussed) and then that will be sent for approval + review. We can again hop on the phone and make sure it's all heading in the right direction.

Step 6: Additional Pages

Over the remaining weeks I will be working on the additional pages and will send sneak peaks as I progress for you to check out and approve.

Step 7: Custom Graphics

Throughout this process I'll also be creating custom graphics for you and will give you access to them all in Canva at the very end to use as you wish in other aspects of your marketing.

Step 8: Approval of Desktop

Once the desktop is fully approved, your second and final installment is due. We also then move on to editing the mobile and tablet version (which takes me a day) and finally the SEO (also takes about a day) and then your site will be ready to be transferred to you.

Step 9: LAUNCH!

Once all is approved on your site we will connect the domain and get ready to launch!

Step 10: Zoom Tutorial

Now that your site is live, it's time to teach you how to edit it! Now is the time to email me and schedule your live zoom tutorial that will be recorded and sent over to you. These typically last about 1 hour or so, therefore make sure to plan accordingly for stay that amount of time!

Well, that's the process! Be sure to also check out the TERMS AND CONDITIONS page and CONFIRM with me that you have read and agreed to everything before proceeding forward.

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