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Rescheduling Your Start Date​​​​​

If you need to reschedule or cancel your start date once the initial start date selected has passed, there is a $250 rescheduling fee. Please note this fee applies each time you need to reschedule your start date if you are doing so once the initial start date has passed

Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Start dates are listed and agreed upon via email and can only be confirmed once a deposit is made. If you are placed on a recurring/automatic payment plan and decide to cancel, the payments that have already processed are non-refundable, but the remaining payments that have not been billed will be cancelled.


All websites are projected to be finished and launched within 2-4 weeks (unless discussed otherwise). I get it, life happens, and sometimes this timeline is stretched because of that. So if something dire happens, please communicate with me! BUT, if you are intentionally prolonging our timeline to not make final payment or decide that you would like to postpone it for other reasons once your start date for designing has already passed, you will be subject to the $250 rescheduling fee for every week that your invoice is overdue.


All payment is accepted through a secure invoicing system through WIX and sent via email to be paid via credit card, PayPal, and more.

Please note, payment is due upon receiving invoice. Transfer of Ownership cannot be made until final payment is made.

Domain & Website Builder Costs

NOT included in my rate is the cost for your Domain and Website Builder. My rate is solely for the cost of hiring me as your Premium Designer. Please note, I require all clients create a profile for me to design their website on WIX. All clients are also required to upgrade to a yearly Premium Plan once we are ready to launch. You can purchase your domain outside of WIX (although WIX gives you one year of a free domain when you upgrade to a yearly premium plan.)

Transfer of Domain

If you already have a pre-existing website and we have to transfer your domain, please note it is out of my control how long the transfer can take! Sometimes I have seen it happen within hours and other times a week. Just a heads up!

Communication + Collaboration

I charge a premium rate not only for my Premium Designs, but for the unlimited access you get to me within my business hours throughout the process. But, please note, I am human and need time away from the computer (and to tend to my dog who is a needy diva) so I try my very best to keep all communications within my business hours (9am EST-6pmEST) unless otherwise discussed. 

*** It is assumed that all clients have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions stated on this website page once proceeding to work together since all have been advised, either verbally or through email, to please read thoroughly and be aware of the T&C before working together. ***

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